Patagonian Calamari R90

Pan fried calamari tubes served with salsa verde

Chicken Livers R75

Pan fried with chilli, ginger, a balsamic cream reduction and topped with coriander

Smoked Salmon Carpaccio R84

Thin layers of smoked salmon, topped with capers, tomato and a dill dressing

Deep Fried Camembert R78

Crumbed, deep fried Camembert cheese, served with cranberry sauce, diced tomatoes, fresh cream & lemon wedge

Black Mussels R82

Steamed in white wine & served with our light garlic butter sauce

Fillet Carpaccio R80

Thinly sliced raw aged fillet served with rocket, parmesan and our Chef’s vinaigrette

Prawns Peri-Peri  R97

Prawns pan-fried in our delicious peri-peri sauce

Bitterballen R75

Savoury beef & herbs bound in a bechamel sauce, crumbed, deep fried and served with Dijon mustard

Garlic Snails R75

Escargot served with our light garlic butter and ciabatta