Soups & Salads


Chef’s Soup of the day R50

Homemade and always delicious

Erwten Soup R55

Dutch pea soup, infused with Eisbein and served with croutons


Grilled Chicken Salad R85

Slithers of grilled barbaque chicken breasts, fresh avocado & croutons served on a bed of fresh garden greens

Caesar Salad R85

Bacon, egg & anchovies served with parmesan shavings on bed of fresh anchovy / mayo dressing garden greens and

Greek Salad R85

Traditional Greek style salad, with olives & feta combined, served on a bed of fresh garden greens

Asian Beef Salad R92

Rare beef sirloin served with Thai dressing, lettuce, basil, coriander, chilli and tomato

Butternut & Beet Salad R87

Butternut, beetroot, feta and pumpkin seeds, served with rocket and a balsamic dressing