30 cm

Garlic Pita Bread  / R50

Feta & Herb Pita Bread  / R72

Gourmet Pita Bread Garlic pita topped with tomato, avo, rocket and parmasen / R80


25 cm or 30 cm

Margherita: Tomato and mozarella cheese R60 / R74

Mexicano: Spicy beef, chilli, onion, peppers and garlic R84 / R105

Vegetarian: Olives, mushrooms, onions and peppers R78 / R100

Seafood: Shrimp, mussels and calamari R84 / R105

Hawaian: Ham and pineapple R74 / R95

Regina: Ham and mushroom R74 / R95

BAM: Bacon, avo and mushrooms R84 / R105

Dixie: Blue cheese, bacon and mushrooms R84 / R105

Greek: Spinach, feta, olives and garlic R78 / R100

Verona: Chicken, peppadews and feta R84 / R105

Venetian: Salami, onions, mushrooms, peppers and chilli R88 / R110

Caribbean: Bacon, Banana and garlic R78 / R100

Mediterranean: Salami, feta, caramelised onions and basil pesto R88 / R110

Bianca: Chicken, garlic, peppers, jalapenos and cream cheese R88 / R110




Garlic, basil pesto, chilli, onions, peppers, olives, mushrooms, spinach, pineapple / R16

Mince, blue cheese, mozzarella, feta, shrimps, mussels, calamari, ham, bacon, salami, chicken, avo, peppadews / R20