Southern Right Whales, Orcas, Dolphins and Porpoises, water sports or yachts sailing in the bay…

While dining at Dixies for breakfast, lunch or dinner, one would be fortunate enough to wallow in the splendour of the beautiful False Bay coastline and all its glory.

During the winter and spring months, from June through to December we can expect to see the Humpback and Southern Right whales come into the bay to calf. From the restaurant terrace just a stones throw away from the sea, whales have been seen breaching, spyhopping and lobtailing out of the water, which is definitely a highlight for locals and tourists alike. 

In the summer, when the sun sets later, one can enjoy watching some water sport activities, including paddle skiers, kite surfers, the weekly Wednesday evening yacht races from Simon’s Town yacht club and the beautiful moon rises across the bay.

In March every year we prepare for the famous Cape Argus Cycle tour, whereby we open the restaurant usually at sunrise to accommodate race supporters and the many thousands of cyclists during the race.